Drawing on tactical and strategic experience in law enforcement, corporate protection, homeland security, and emergency management, TAM-C’s US-based personnel specialize in mitigating the risks posed by both trans-continental crime, domestic terrorism, and disruptive activism. This includes actionable intelligence and guidance to combat supply chain crime, animal enterprise terrorism, eco-terrorism, anti-abortion extremism, narco-terrorism, “home-grown” jihad, violent racists, destructive anarchists, and other threats. The “Americas” presence includes personnel in Pennsylvania, California, Brazil, and Mexico.
Through hard-gained experience TAM-C’s multi-lingual Middle East based staff – with backgrounds in law enforcement, intelligence, and military special forces – understands counterterrorism intimately. The 24/7 intelligence center that supports domestic and international threats for our client base who include Fortune 100 corporations, energy and financial sectors, transportation, aviation, and maritime sectors as well as other clients represented from the key resources globally. In addition, to the TAM-C, the intelligence and crisis center, our personnel span across the Middle East, East and West Africa for specialized projects and client management.
Our global crisis response teams, assigned to the Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center, maintains an active presence in London, England. Our personnel coordinate crisis operations and intelligence gathering to meet the travel and field needs of international clients with interests in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Such pre-positioning of personnel and assets enables quick response and constant planning for global events.

Who we are & what we do

TAM-C Solutions is an American corporation supporting non-governmental agencies, critical infrastructures, key resources, Fortune 500 companies, and organizations of all sizes succeed in a world threatened by crime and terrorism.

TAM-C Solutions provides specifically tailored threat monitoring, 24/7 actionable intelligence gathering and analysis, support for global security planning, and operations and logistics. Our in-house subject matter experts bring to every project their extensive tactical and strategic experience in law enforcement, corporate protection, intelligence, homeland security, and emergency management.

Both public and private sector clients regularly depend on the staff of TAM-C’s operational versatility – our proven ability to adapt, customize, and specialize to meet the client’s needs. Key security specializations include mitigation of threats from trans-continental organized crime, Narco-terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction, suicide bombers and lone-wolf terrorism, as well as all manner of nonlethal disruptive activism.

With experience, flexibility and creativity, TAM-C’s guidance is always a step ahead of evolving threats.

Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center (TAM-C)

With its multilingual and multiethnic team of researchers and analysts, TAM-C Solutions established the Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center (TAM-C). The TAM-C, with round-the-clock monitoring of open and closed sources of information, provides actionable, forward-looking intelligence on terrorist activities, international hot-spots, aggressive activist targeting, “red flag” dates, real-time security alerts, and traveler security.

The TAM-C’s international Ground Truth Network (GTN) of human assets provides uniquely valuable field intelligence from wherever it is needed – and whenever it is needed the most.

The TAM-C team “information miners” and on-the-ground sources collaborate to identify the most useful operational information on international and domestic threats to client operations. Along with this tailored intelligence, TAM-C subject matter experts provide substantive and practical guidance to protect personnel and assets worldwide.

We are TAM-C: Working with organizations that refuse to surrender their domestic or international operations

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