The project is a partnership between the TAM-C and the client and is protected with utmost discreetness.
The information requirements are developed and updated to meet the needs of the client based on:
  • the client brand
  • executives
  • personnel
  • sector and key resource
  • region of operations
Our operation is completely dynamic and evolves based on the needs of the client. The service is described as offering an entire intelligence and threat desk that supports every action of the client.
Specialized Client Operational Research is directed to corporate clients with access to a wide range of research and analysis services.  Prior to each project, the TAM-C consults extensively with clients to understand their strategic objectives, define the project scope, and develop an analytical approach that is best suited to meet their unique needs.  This process allows us to customize our research and execute projects with maximum effectiveness.

Corporate Security Package includes the Advance Planning Tools as well as the GPS tracking and monitoring. It is a service that supports the personnel in the field by maintaining the safety and security with a continuous open line of communications and accountability.The TAM-C updates situational information, monitors movement, as they request it, enabling a level of privacy, as well as giving the client access to the same command and control screens that the TAM-C monitors for mission success.

Such benefits enable clients to allocate resources efficiently and focus on specific actionable intelligence while exposing current adversarial communications and tactics; and provides practical guidance for facing future threats.

Specialized Client Operational Research (SCOR)

With the vast number of generalized resources available today, government and corporate clients can miss key pieces of actionable intelligence due to uncontrollable information overload.

That is why TAM-C Solutions developed Specialized Client Operational Research (SCOR), providing customized intelligence directly impacting each client’s brand, personnel, business sector, and regions of operation.

All SCOR projects are completely dynamic, evolving based on regular client feedback and consultation. By integrating open- and closed-source research with the client’s local knowledge, TAM-C Solutions analysis becomes a powerful tool for effective asset protection.

Standard SCOR Services

  • Weekly or biweekly actionable intelligence briefings focusing on geographic areas or sectors of activity designated by the client, in consultation with TAM-C Solutions analysts.
  • Alerts on urgent issues that affect the client organization or its operations.
  • A client-specific web-based map that graphically charts threats and incidents affecting designated personnel and assets.
  • An online client-specific and searchable portal with useful updates and a database of TAM-C Solutions intelligence products.

All reports can be accessed online, via TAM-C Solutions’ intelligence portal, or as a stand-alone document delivered to any designated email or mobile device.

Special Event SCOR Services

At times, the standard SCOR services need to be expanded during a special local event, the inauguration of a new global facility, or in light of a specifically identified threat.

TAM-C Solutions monitors for growing and imminent threats using a robust, flexible, and dynamic information collection plan developed and maintained as a partnership with the client

Based on the client’s specific needs, TAM-C Solutions provides special-event intelligence, analysis and guidance. This can mean 24/7 monitoring for a designated period, in-depth strategic background reports, highly refined intelligence gathering, or even just more frequent briefings.

For customized real-time, field and advance intelligence supporting global corporate security for travel and international events, TAM-C Solutions provides the Executive Action Travel Package. Please click here for more information .

Emergency SCOR Services

In the event of a crisis impacting the safety and security of a SCOR client, TAM-C Solutions immediately responds by establishing a dedicated 24/7 situation desk. Our researchers and subject matter experts initiate real-time intelligence gathering to assess the imminent risk to client personnel and assets in the danger zone.

With up-to-the-minute information and expert analysis, TAM-C Solutions clients are best equipped to make critical decisions during an emergency.

Sector-Specific Threat Monitor (STM)

Critical infrastructure and key assets (CIKR), whether privately or publicly held, face specialized security threats and hazards. TAM-C Solutions’ Sector-Specific Threat Monitor addresses the need for ongoing focused intelligence on industry adversaries, risks, and vulnerabilities.

Regular STM briefings provide global actionable intelligence impacting the following sectors:

  • Financial
  • Energy
  • Media/Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Public Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • and more…

The briefings bring together intelligence sifted from closed and open sources, in multiple languages, as well as subject matter expertise, for effective asset protection guidance worldwide. In addition, TAM-C Solutions provides STM subscribers alerts providing critical information in the event of imminent sector-specific threats.

STM briefings and alerts are available as a subscription service. They can be accessed online, via TAM-C Solutions’ intelligence portal, or as a stand-alone document delivered to any designated email or mobile device.

Actionable Intelligence Briefings (AIB)

Actionable Intelligence Briefings provide weekly overviews and analysis of security-related events and threats around the world.

Crafted as a tool for security directors and law enforcement managers, the AIB provides generalized forward-looking intelligence and practical guidance for operational planning. In addition, AIB subscribers receive urgent alerts in the event of imminent or developing security threats.

The AIB is a product of TAM-C Solutions’ multilingual intel team, under the auspices of the TAM-C , including leading experts in terrorism and international security. Many of the TAM-C subject matter experts have served in counterterrorism units of national security forces and urban police departments, so they are well aware of security managers’ needs and expectations.

The AIB and associated alerts are available as a subscription service. They can be accessed online, via TAM-C Solutions’ intelligence portal, or as a stand-alone document delivered to any designated email or mobile device.

The AIB is dispatched on Monday of each week, in order to enable effective planning