The Executive Action Travel Package (EATP)


The Executive Action Travel Package is a customized real-time and advance intelligence service supporting global corporate security for travel and international events.


Mission-Specific Intelligence and Analysis


The TAM-C has provided field and executive services for business development expeditions, international conferences, media teams, and more. With TAM-C Solutions’ Ground Truth Network in place, our analysts have also provided the critical intelligence needed to secure assets and personnel in crisis zones around the world.


The Executive Action Travel Package provides mission-specific intelligence and analysis, including:

  • Actionable intelligence sit-reps, focusing on areas of highest risk of crime or terrorism, sent to any designated email or mobile device. The reports are dispatched weekly ahead of client travel and daily while personnel are in the field.
  • A client-specific web-based threat and incident map that graphically charts threats to client personnel and assets.
  • Priority alerts on issues that affect the client organization, sent to any designated email or mobile device.
  • The support of TAM-C Solutions’ Ground Truth Network (GTN) – human assets in the field, identifying real-time critical information for immediate and long-term decision-making. This can include anything from adversarial attack planning to hostile public sentiment about the client company.

Advance Planning


TAM-C Solutions’ Executive Action Travel Package facilitates both effective advance security planning and focused allocation of resources in the field.


Concise, focused and relevant TAM-C intelligence reports help security directors and corporate executives understand the threats and issues at their destination. In addition, TAM-C subject matter experts provide guidelines for appropriate situational awareness and threat mitigation both before and after arrival at the travel destination.


Once the client’s global travel itinerary is identified, TAM-C analysts prepare background briefings for the client on designated locations or events. This includes known threats to the client, industry and region, adversarial chatter, and red flag dates.


Real-Time Intelligence


With client assets in the field, a dedicated 24/7 TAM-C situation desk maintains ongoing contact with designated client personnel for urgent reaction to any development. The desk coordinates researchers, Ground Truth Network assets, and intelligence analysts during the duration of the assignment, in order to ensure real-time sharing of information. Daily field briefings ensure client personnel have the latest information regarding changing risks – be they criminal, terrorist or civil unrest.


A smartphone-based application ensures communications privacy, while tracking and monitoring personnel movement in the field. Distress calls are instantly received at the TAM-C, which immediately alerts client contacts and initiates procedures for effective interdiction.


Corporate Travel with a Field Intel Officer


The field intelligence officer (FIO) is a highly skilled TAM-C Solutions liaison attached to the corporate traveling party, based on the environment and arena of operations. The FIO maintains daily contact with the TAM-C and regional intelligence assets, adjusting real-time guidance to avoid threats that can negatively impact the client



Crisis Management


In addition to training for crisis event management, TAM-C Solutions also offers clients real-time consultation and direction in the event of unexpected security-related crises.


With backgrounds in Israeli and American security and first response units, TAM-C Solutions experts can provide command and direction, or take on support and consultative roles, as needed. They are available to contribute their expertise remotely, at the scene of the security breach, at the client’s premises, or wherever emergency measures dictate.

Experience counts when an emergency strikes