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The Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center

Innovative Solutions for Corporate Security, Command and Control, Global Travelers, Emergency Management, and Homeland Security Applications
  • TAM-C is a powerful fusion center of battle-tested operatives, analysts, and researchers with access to a vast network of on-the-ground key-sources in virtually every region of the world.
  • Under the control of the Center and the global capabilities of TAM-C Solutions, The GC2 System supports clients and travelers during routine and crisis.
  • Strength resides in operational versatility, ability to adapt, customize, and specialize services and products to meet the needs of the client in an environment of evolving threats.
  • Multi language 24/7 Operational Center to assist and recommend safety and security

Secure Corporate Travel

“Working with organizations that refuse to surrender their domestic or international operations”

  • The Executive Action Package is a customized Executive Threat service that supports the global travel and business event needs of corporate travelers.
  • The Director of Global Security and, the executives themselves, need concise, focused, relevant intelligence to better understand the threats and issues prior to arriving at their destination.
  • The TAM-C will gather information, while analyzing the data for dissemination to those parties on site in a timely fashion to enable efficient and safe decision-making.
  • TAM-C field and executive services have been used and dispatched to large scale events, international conferences, business development explorations, and international crises around the world and in many instances operate in conjunction with the client’s executive protection and threat teams.
  • Executive Brief: Preparatory work includes an assessment that prepares the client with the specific trip or event presented as “trip file” with full risk analysis including maps, routes, descriptions and alerts

Global Command and Control

Intelligence upon arrival and live emergency tracking of travelers

Scenarios may require exfiltration or evacuation of a client with supervised support. The GC2 System enables two-way means for communications with situational awareness between the TAM-C, the client, and the responsible parties.

Routine is unpredictable and emergencies are robust and incorporate many parameters that need to be quickly resolved. The best strategy for the client will be developed with a clear action plan for implementation.

Detects events through a variety of interfaces as well as its built-in data entry system.
Referral and coordination of appropriate skilled medical facilities in coordination with on site teams and the corporate client 24/7 emergency tracking – using SOS one-touch smartphone application (Android, iPhone) data is relayed to center to include full profile and an exact, GPS-based location; Digital Transmission of Distress.

  • Geo-Fencing – automatic generation of an SOS notification if a user enters or exits a selected geo-fence
  • Configurable Silent/Regular Distress Mode
  • Voice Communication with User in Distress

The control center will react to any emergency, providing two way communication enabling real time tracking and alerting.